Qtica Luxury Lotion COLADA SPARKLE 34 oz

Qtica Luxury Lotion COLADA SPARKLE 34 oz

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Qtica Luxury Lotion COLADA SPARKLE 34 oz
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Qtica Smart Spa Luxury Lotion is a unique balance of vitamins, nutrients and essential oils creates the perfect therapy lotion that helps repair dry, damaged skin. Infuses skin with intense hydration that lasts for hours and stimulates the senses with therapeutic aromatherapy. Ideal for manicures, pedicures and total body moisturizing.

Available in the following scents:
  • Colada Sparkle 34 oz.
  • Grapefruit Surprise 34 oz.
  • Lemon Dream 34 oz.
  • Vanilla Wild Plum 34 oz.
  • Exotic Mango 34 oz.
  • Lime Zest 34 oz.
  • Pomagranate Lime 34 oz.
  •  Lemon Dream 34 oz.
  • Lemongrass Ginger 34 oz.
  • Guava Passion 34 oz.

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Qtica Smart Spa Sugar Scrub is one of Qtica's best selling products. Surely the best exfoliating product on the market, this non-drying and non-irritating formula is easy on delicate skin while being one of the most effective scrubs we've ever seen. Hassle free, the scrub doesn't separate like many oily scrubs, but is a uniform easy to apply formula that never leaves a sticky residue. Perfect for daily use!

Choose from the available scents:
  • Colada Sparkle Sugar Scrub 44 oz
  • Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
  • Mandarin Honey Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
  • Vanilla Wild Plum Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
  • Guava Passion Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
  • Lime Zest Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
  • Pomagranate Lime Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
  • Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
  • Lemon Grass Ginger Sugar Scrub 44 oz. 
  • Exotic Mango Sugar Scrub 44 oz.
Qtica Smart Spa Moisture Mask is a deeply hydrating foot & hand mask with an anti-oxidant rich, nourishing formula. Giving you results that are visible immediately, the Qtica Smart Spa Moisture Masks restore lost nutrients to skin while repairing damage and noticeably brightening skin. To use the mask, apply to skin for 5-10 minutes before wiping off. Available in a variety of incredible scents!

Available in the following scents:
  • Colada Sparkle Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Grapefruit Surprise Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Madarin Honey Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Vanilla Wild Plum Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Guava Passion Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Lime Zest Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Pomagranate Lime Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Lemon Dream Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Lemongrass Ginger Moisture Mask 38 oz.
  • Exotic Mango Moisture Mask 38 oz.