Creativity is a forte Cuccio delivers. When having a pedicure, leaves can be included to enhance the experience. Cuticle conditioners, nail revitalizing oils, soaks, crèmes, moisturizers, skin polishers, slippers, and gloves are other products Cuccio exposes to those searching for beauty supplies.

This 5 non-bristled brush set is designed for Acrylics, Gels, Gel Polish and Nail Art.

The set contains: #1 Cup Chisel, #2 Taper Point, #3 Flat Chisel, #4 Angle Chisel, and #5 Cup Round Chisel.

This kit has 4 gel brushes with new tacklon bristles.

The kit contains: Square sculpting brush, Oval sculpting/building brush, Pointed detailing brush, and rounbd sculpting brush.

This 7 brush & tool kit is perfect for all your artistic ideas.

The kit contains: Fan brush, Flat square brush, Flat angle drawing brush, Small detailing sculpting brush, Striping brush, White brsuh, and dotting tools.

Our Veneer Treatments in the mini 1/8 oz sizes - in one convenient kit.


1 x Prep
1 x Fuse
1 x Base
1 x Top Coat

An excellent priced kit at half the price of buying the individual treatments separately.

Cuccio - T3 LED/UV Controlled Levelling Gel MASTER KIT - Extra Thick Viscosity Hard Gel

This kit contains full sizes of the gels and treatment products - a more cost effective way to purchase the whole range than buying individual products.

We highly recommend that you use our MaxPro2 LED lamp or our 36 watt UV Lamp with this gel due to its extra thick viscosity.

Kit contains:

  • 1oz sizes of Clear, Pink, White & Opaque Pink T3 Gel

  • 13ml sizes of Prep, Fuse & Top

  • 2oz (60ml) Finishing Wipe

  • 20 x Cuccio Pro Sculpting Forms

  • 1 x Mastertech Brush set

  • T3 Controlled Levelling Gel benefits:

    • Extra thick viscosity Hard Gel

    • Offers the strength of an acrylic without the odour

    • Stays where you put it - does not slump or self level

    • LED or UV cured

    • Strong and flexible with extra strong adhesion

    • Sculpt or tip overlay

    • Non yellowing, high shine finish and 100% odour free

    • Cooler cure - less likely to burn clients with damaged or weak natural nails

    • Fully compatible with our Veneer UV/LED colour