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This product delivers the Chrome Effects finish you have been looking for with a touch of Aurora light. A-ORA delivers on a WOW finish with ease of use and it works on any existing nail products in your salon.

• Perform Regular Manicure, then apply Gel Base and 2 Coats Gel Color.
Wipe nail with alcohol for quick cleaning.
• Apply 1 layer of AORA’s Base. Cure 30 second
• After you apply AORA powder, use nail wipe with alcohol to clean edges.
• Then apply 1 layer of AORA top coat and cure 1 minute.
• Apply 1 more Layer of AORA top coat and cure 1 minute.
• Done!

Cuccio - T3 LED/UV Controlled Levelling Gel MASTER KIT - Extra Thick Viscosity Hard Gel

This kit contains full sizes of the gels and treatment products - a more cost effective way to purchase the whole range than buying individual products.

We highly recommend that you use our MaxPro2 LED lamp or our 36 watt UV Lamp with this gel due to its extra thick viscosity.

Kit contains:

  • 1oz sizes of Clear, Pink, White & Opaque Pink T3 Gel

  • 13ml sizes of Prep, Fuse & Top

  • 2oz (60ml) Finishing Wipe

  • 20 x Cuccio Pro Sculpting Forms

  • 1 x Mastertech Brush set

  • T3 Controlled Levelling Gel benefits:

    • Extra thick viscosity Hard Gel

    • Offers the strength of an acrylic without the odour

    • Stays where you put it - does not slump or self level

    • LED or UV cured

    • Strong and flexible with extra strong adhesion

    • Sculpt or tip overlay

    • Non yellowing, high shine finish and 100% odour free

    • Cooler cure - less likely to burn clients with damaged or weak natural nails

    • Fully compatible with our Veneer UV/LED colour



SPA Almond Milk Bath Almond Moisture Scrub Almond Illuminating Masque Almond Hydrating Lotion Almond Soothing Creme (5 packettes) ESSENTIALS Cuticle Eraser REFERENCE TOOLS Brochure DVD
Manicure/pedicure package includes: 8 medium stones (used for body, legs, arms, spinal layout and palms), 8 small stones (used for body, face, neck, hands and feet), 16 toe/finger stones (used for in between toes and fingers), 6 quart heater (120 volts), accessories kit and an instruction manual and DVD
The Anesi Parafango Treatment Kit is a comprehensive spa treatment for inch loss, skin conditioning, and cellulite reduction. It is designed to be customized for the unique needs of each client. Customization allows you to optimize the treatment for maximum results. Parafango combines mineral-rich sea mud and paraffin in a powerful restorative body mask that has a geothermal effect. This effect increases the body temperature which then stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage thus helping the body release toxins and unwanted fat stores from the tissue. Contents: Parafango Warmer with 6.6 pounds of Parafango, Aminocel Ampoules (20), Aminodren, Ampoules (20), Cremfoliant (7.04 oz), Lipoaminocel (17.6 oz) with pump, Aminofirm (17.6 oz) with pump, 7 oz Aminofirm, 7 oz Lipoaminocel, Roll of Film, Technician DVD, Parafango, Pamphlets (50) , 18 oz Lipoaminocel Cream Samples (5), 18 oz Aminofirm Cream Samples (5) Body Brush, Film Cutter