Pedicure Accessories

Pedicure Accessories

Pedicure Accessories
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PediStil Pedicure foot and leg rest provides the ultimate comfort for clients.

As for the nail tech, you can reduced back strain while offering the most comfort to your clients at the same time.

The PediStil rest is made to be sturdy with a contoured bottom that fits perfectly into any tub. It is super lightweight and portable making it easy to clean & sanitize and is also water and chemical resistant.

STAR NAIL Black with Foam 100/180 grit green center 50 ct.
This eavy-duty clipper has sharp, straight edges for cutting toenails and acrylic nail tips with maximum precision.
TWEEZERMAN PROFESSIONAL Power Shaver with Rasp provides easy removal of calluses and a smooth finish. Removable rasp. Ergonomically designed with a power grip.
TWEEZERMAN PROFESSIONAL Power Nail Clipper‚Äö?묢 with leveraged handle for comfort and control.
Tweezerman Master Tech Ingrown Toenail File and Cleaner "State of the Art for Pedicures" Tweezerman Master Tech stainless steel tools are inspired by and created exclusively for the professional. Ergonomically designed with soft silicone grips, Tweezerman Master Tech tools provide the ultimate in function, comfort and control. The entire tool can be sterilized, meeting the highest industry standards for hygiene. This weezerman Master Tech tool Features an ingrown toenail file on one end and a nail cleaner on the other. The file helps relieve the presspure of ingrown nails, while the thin curved and cleans under and around the nail.
Replacement filing pads for Infinity Callus Rasp. Six 80 grit and six 120 grit. Peel off old pads and replace with new filing pads for each client.
Tweezerman Professional Infinity Callus Rasp With 6 Replacement Files : An innovative tool for minimizing calluses & sleeking skin Offers superior quality & sanitation With a specially designed handle for exceptional comfort & control Boasts a thin filing area making it flexible for use on different areas of feet & between toes The stainless steel handle can be sterilized after removal of filing pads Features filing pads with two different grits that can be easily replaced to create a new - two-sided rasp for each use To use: After use - discard pads - sanitize holder & replace with new pads for next pedicur
TWEEZERMAN PROFESSIONAL Deluxe Toenail Clipper Features a wide grip handle and groove to catch clippings. Stainless steel.
These high quality double-sided replacement blades fit all brands of shavers. Available in box of 20 or case f 100 (10 boxes of 10).
Reduce stubborn calluses, then softly and evenly smooth skin with This edicure duo's finely textpured rasp.