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Thursday, March 07, 2013
There was a really busy day that a friend had and she was calling my other friend asking her if she can cover her on something she needed to buy for her daughter. Being polite she said okay. The problem was that she was busy too. She decided to go online to look for beauty supplies in Miami. All she found was the yellow pages leading her to other websites like Yelp. What she wanted was to find a website that showed her products to see what the store has to offer.  She had no luck! She had to really dig into Google for that. She saw places like Ulta and Sally, but she wanted something close to her home not far away! Of course the friend was asking my other friend for cheap beauty products, so she thought to herself, “Where can I find cheap nail polish?” This was before she met me and when she met me she told me this story. Now she could go on my website to look up anything she wants. Now I am not trying to make a fuss, I just wanted to share with people so they don’t have the same problem.  I’m just saying that there are plenty of wholesale beauty supplies in Miami at my store and feel free to come and browse around and if it is too far for you, come visit my site.  Ciao bellas and bellos!