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Foot Massage Techniques for Spas/Salons

Monday, August 12, 2013

Foot Massage TechniquesAre you a spa owner looking to incorporate detox products into your service menu? If so, the Cuccio detox system may be the answer. Cuccio products are sold with other wholesale spa products and wholesale beauty supplies. Cuccio sells a wide range of salon lotions, detox rinses and nail products. If your salon provides pedicures and foot massage, the Cuccio foot soak is a wonderful addition to your product line.

Made with wholesale argan oil, the Cuccio detox foot soak will make your clients feel pampered and revitalized. After a 15-minute soak in the Cuccio detox formula, your salon staff massages the client’s feet using our wholesale body butter. The soak and the body butter both contain a mix of vitamins and minerals to hydrate and nourish the feet and legs.

Massage Instructions are as follows:

STEP 1: Massage in an up and down movement 
along and around the calf area and downward to end of the foot. 
STEP 3: Follow the massage technique movements for the soles of the feet. (*REFER TO MASSAGE TECHNIQUE CHART) Then gently stretch back the toes.
STEP 5: Repeat the massage technique movements for the sole fo the feet.(*REFER TO MASSAGE TECHNIQUE CHART) Then use circular movements around the ankle bone.
STEP 2: Turn leg inward, using an up and down movement massage calf area in between muscles 
then guide down to foot area. 
STEP 4: Gently push the toes in a downward motion 
to stretch the foot.
STEP 6: Continue with circular movements around the back of the angle and down to the heel area. 
Repeat steps 1 - 6 as time allows.

Using a towel gently pat off any excess serum and apply Butter Blend or Lytes Ultra Sheer Body Butter


While the Cuccio detox system is quite simple to use, we provide training and events around the country to teach salon professionals how to effectively use our products. Most beauty events that sell wholesale spa products and wholesale beauty supplies will sell the Cuccio products. Our salon lotions are well known in the beauty industry, and we are hoping that the Cuccio detox foot soak will become just as well known within the industry.

By adopting the Cuccio detox in your salon, you will be adding a specialty service to your salon menu. This means that your salon will most likely receive increased revenue and profit. Marketing the Cuccio detox product is quite easy, as once a client receives one of these luscious soaks and massages, they will tell all their friends and keep returning themselves. We also send marketing materials, like posters and fliers, to help peak your clients’ interest in the service.