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Shaving Tips for Men

Friday, May 17, 2013

Shaving can really be a drag for a man. It is no doubt that men prefer to have an easier time shaving. Some men need some pointers to reduce the after effects of shaving. Finding ways to shave carefully, quickly, or slowly takes some time to learn. The worst is sensitive skin that gets cuts, razor burns, irritation, and bumps easily. 

Whether getting a shave from a barber or doing it on your own, there are certain techniques or even tips to follow to get the best possible shaving results. 

Some tips for your next time shaving:

  1. Open Your Pores: Taking a warm shower to make the skin less sensitive to the blades; in the case of the barber they will use a wet warm towel instead.
  2. Make Sure to Replace Your Blade: Getting rid of a blunt blade, taking out a new one, and making sure the nick is fine to proceed with shaving
  3. Use Some type of Base: Applying shaving cream/soap to the face for a few minutes to reduce burns. Professional barbers usually avoid using products that contain benzocaine or menthol to make the experience better. These creams/soaps/gels soften the protein that build hair; thus making it easier to shave.
  4. Use A Trimmer For Long Hair: For those that have beards and don’t want to shave off the whole beard and keep a stylish beard, using a cordless trimmer is a good option
  5. Follow One Way: Shaving in one direction to reduce damage to the skin
  6. Do A Follow Up Shave: Shaving one more time in case there are patches or strands left over is effective
  7. Post Shave: Finally, rinsing the face and using aftershave completes the process.

As an extra tip, if there happens to be an ingrown hair, use a pointed tweezer to get rid of that annoying ingrown hair before the shave. 

Do you have any other tips to share? Share your thoughts here.