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Strong Natural Nails? VitaGel Might Be Your Answer

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A lot of women love having long beautiful strong nails. Thus the reason they get artificial nails. The only flaw with this is if they get their nails done incorrectly, either because the nail technician is inexperienced or just does not know how to do it properly, it can cause damage to the nail. Even not having the right wholesale nail supplies being used can cause a lot of damage.

Gelish's VitalGel Recovery is perfect for this. Whether your client just wants to take a break to repair excessive damage caused by improper nail enhancements. Or perhaps they want to get off the acrylic system and grow back their natural nail strong and healthy again. Whichever the reason this wholesale nail supply is great for that. 

Maybe you have a client that doesn't like or have artificial nails but prefer keeping their natural nails. They might have brittle, thin, peeling, easy to break nails though. Or they just want to continue keeping their nails strong and healthy. VitaGel Strength is a nail strengthener which works amazing on the nails for someone that just wants to keep their natural nails and looking healthier and strong.

Whichever it is, the Gelish VitaGel system is a great soft-gel formula infused with Vitamin A, B5, and E. This special soft-gel formula is designed to help the absorption

 of Keratin into the nail plate. There is no need for Foundation as it's required for VitaGel to be applied directly onto the nail. VitaGel will last for up to 10-14 days with or without nail lacquer. You'll love having gorgeous, strong healthy nails once again.

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