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What are Fiberglass Nails?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fiberglass nails are also known as silk wraps, and are used to make natural or artificial nails stronger.Fiberglass nails are also known as silk wraps, and are used to make natural or artificial nails stronger. Fiberglass is a resin material with glass fibers dispersed among the resin. Fiberglass wraps are great for those with thin nails, or nails that crack easily. Fiberglass wraps are easily purchased through wholesale nail supply companies, which make it easy for salon orders to purchase the wraps.

When clients are choosing fiberglass vs acrylic nail, salon professionals consider the strength of the client’s own nails, and if the client has the time and money for fiberglass wraps. Silk wrap nails are another type of artificial nail, and is very similar to fiberglass wrap, but looks more natural than fiberglass. Wholesale nail polish colors and designs will look very natural on both silk wrap nails and fiberglass nails.

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