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Zoya Lovely

Thursday, March 21, 2013
How many times have we ever gone to the nail spa and have questioned what nail polish they use? Or where can I buy that nail polish

Shoot, we go with our girlfriends to enjoy the day and we completely forget that we wanted to know where the nail polish can be bought at. After having that relaxing manicure and our nails polished, we decide maybe we can go to our home and try this new “Zoya Lovely” product they told us about. When we checked out all the kinds of pastel and shimmer colors we completely fell in love with them. Now we play around with the colors that we bought and tell our other friends about it. Funny how these salons can buy wholesale beauty supplies in Miami and let us experience it. 

What is a tough decision is whether to go to look for these beauty supplies at the store or go to the nail spa and get it done. Either way it will be done. It’s just fun that there are the Zoya Lovely choices such as the lovely Julie nail polish, lovely Blu, lovely Piaf, lovely Jacqueline, lovely GeiGei, and lovely Neely to play around with!

The New Zoya Lovely Collection 2013