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Zoya Summer 2013: New Nail Polish Trends

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A new collection is in town. The Zoya Irresistible Collection is the new nail polish trend that is taking over and being requested now at spas, nail salons, and beauty stores. The following products are what are in demand today:

Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Amy: This nail polish contains a red orange color a popular color for those that like energetic colors and like experimenting with bright colors.

Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Bobbi: This professional hot magenta pink lacquer colored nail polish generally catches the eyes of those that are all about love and spirituality.

Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Hazel: The new Zoya Hazel nail polish isn’t hazel like the name. Instead it is a blue green color great for inspiration and can be used to describe to one as good to have a feel for tropical oceans without going to the beach.

Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Kerry: The Kerry nail polish is an interesting yellow gold color can help with imagination, honor and happiness. 

Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Rikki: This new nail polish contains the color of a metallic light green. This color is a good reminder of nature and good to tell your costumers that love the outdoors or enjoy the outdoors scenery.

Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Tinsley: This bubble gum pink and rose metallic color go hand in hand with those that enjoy being flirtatious and have a romantic side to them.

Zoya Irresistible Nail Polish Sampler: The sampler has all the new nail polish color and collection of Zoya Irresistible.

Finally, we hope this helps you out with your customers and maybe it helps you identify colors for customers who ask for your opinion when they are undecided in which nail polish to choose.