Tools & Implements

Tools & Implements

Tools & Implements
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Cuccio Naturale – Stainless Steel Nail File – Intro Kit

Comes with 1 x stainless steel nail file and 2 of each of the refills (100 grit, 180 grit and 240 grit)

  • 100% sanitisable stainless steel manicure file with refills
  • Easy to use – ergonomic, flexible and super strong stainless steel file base
  • Sanitises easily and completely and can also be sterilised in an autoclave
  • Double sided 2 x alternative grit filing options
  • Highest quality professional grade peel-off, disposable and water resistant abrasive paper designed exclusively for the salon industry
  • Give your client peace of mind by applying a new abrasive paper for each service
  • Cost-effective refills – at just 15p each
  • This intro kit also makes a fantastic retail item







Cuccio – White Sanding Block – 120/200 grit

Cuccio – Tri-sided Buffer Board

Cuccio pro Sanitizable Purple Block Med/Fine .

Cuccio – Gold Block – 320 grit

  • This lovely block is great for use during manicures & pedicures and makes a great retail item
Cuccio Pro Lavender Pastel Sanding Block
Cuccio Pro Pink Pastel Sanding Block

Created from natural white quartz pumice giving the balanced amount of abrasive to evenly smooth the skin to perfection

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • No artifical colourants
  • Features easy to grip size for added ease
  • floats in water

DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Use gently in a circular motion on damp skin.








This stainless steel, 100% sanitizable pedicure file comes with 15 white 180 grit and 15 black 80 grit disposable, water-resistant refill sheets. The ergonomic design of the file's handle provides firm grip and leverage.


  • 15 Sheets 80 Grit Coarse (Black)
  • 15 Sheets 180 Grit Medium (White)






For use with Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap. Both long and short brushes are available.






The NSI Plush Brush is a washable Nail Dust Brush, an essential tool for the preparation of all artificial nail enhancement services.

The NSI Plush Brush can be gently washed with soap and water to clean.

  • Removes small Nail Dust particles from the nail plate during nail prep, and after filing and shaping the nail enhancement
  • Helps ensure proper product adhesion for every salon service by removing nail dust from the nail plate and sidewalls
  • Use in combination with Cleanse to remove any remaining nail dust in the sidewalls before product application

These multi-use mini blenders are the perfect tool for smaller areas of the face. Apply product with ease and precision to the under eye, around the nose, the brow bone, chin and more. Latex free, set of four mini sponges are great for highlighting, concealing, and color correcting.