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Make Up

Facial cleaning brush

Exfoliating brush

Nail cleaning brush

7 pc. brush set includes the following a a deluxe roll-up case: Powder/Blush Brush - Goat Hair, Round Shadow Brush - Horse Hair, Crease Brush - Goat Hair, Lip Brush - Nylon, Liner Brush - Nylon, Eyeshadow Applicator and an Eyelash Comb/ Eyebrow Brush - Boar.
32 sponges in assorted shapes, colors and textures. Latex-free
Aerodynamic Shape No more crimping or pinching No more crimping or pinching, the aerodynamic shape and unique spring technology of Ardell?�� Professional Curler Ensures an easy, natural curl every time. This s the must-have lash accessory, perfect for prepping lashes for mascara and false lashes.
Professional results Easy to use The Ardell Pro Lash Applicator makes lash application easy. Designed to place false eye lashes over the eye for the most natural look. Ardell Pro Lash Applicator's curved design grips eyelashes so it stays curved to fit the shape of the eye.