Scissors & Shears

Scissors & Shears

Scissors & Shears
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Professional Stainless Steel, Extra Fine Point Cuticle Scissor for easy cutting and accurate trimming of the cuticles and hangnails. The blades are curved and have sharp cutting edges.

The Fine-Tuned Cutting Scissors
This attractive Stork Scissor is used for cutting fine, delicate fabrics, like linen or china silk, and is also perfect for cutting embroidery and nai lwraps. It is extremely sharp and cuts smoothly the entire length of the blade, so no more snags or uneven edges. You get a smooth, attractive cut every time.

Sharp, high performance stainless steel 5 ½" shears for effective hair trimming at home. Dimensions of blades: 2.09”L

TWEEZERMAN PROFESSIONAL Stork Linen Scissors is ideal for cutting linen, silk wrap or fiberglass. Great for eyebrow trimming.
Ideal for cutting brow facial nose and ear hair. The precision tips of these scissors curve away from skin and are rounded for safety. Always trim nose or ear hair -- never pull or yank. Position scissors tips slightly inside nostril or ear and carefully cut visible hair only. Also great for stray brow and moustache hairs.
Precision crafted stainless steel implements give you the perfect tools for your trade.
heavy-duty stainless steel toenail clipper features traditional straight edge cutting blade preferred by professionals. Features built-in file and clipping catcher. 
Rounded tips for safely cutting nose and ear hair. Sharp straight blade for precision. Nickel plated. Size: 5"