Tools & Implements

Tools & Implements

Tools & Implements
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  • Apply False Eyelash and Extensions With Ease
  • Fine Tip For Cluster or Individual Lashes
  • Great for Fine Tweezing
  • Stainless Steel, 5 1/2" Long Curved

5" Double ended cuticle pusher. Angled end for easy pushing of cuticles. Texture handle for easy use. Made of Stainless Steel. Can be sterilized without rusting.



  • Professional Quality Stainless Steel
  • Dual-Ended Pusher For Cleaning Under Nails
  • Beveled End for Pushing Back Cuticles
  • Can Be Used For Gel Removal
  • Texture Handle For Easy Use


  • Stainless Steel
  • Round Side For Pushing Cuticles and Removing Gel Nail Polish
  • Pointed Side For Cleaning
  • Non-Slip Textured Handle
  • 5 1/2" Long


  • Pusher End-Helps Pushes Cuticle Back Off Nail
  • Knife For Removing Epidermis - Dead Skin
  • Helps Nails Grow Stronger
  • Stainless Steel
  • Texture Handle For Easy Grip


  • Cuticle Pusher/Cleaner
  • Flat Side Great for Gels
  • Texture Handle For Easy Use
  • Tidy Cuticles With Ease
  • Stainless Steel

Minimize bruising and skin irritation with the Double Loop Blackhead Extractor. It has a large ring on one end for removing large blackheads and whiteheads. On the other end is a smaller ring for smaller blackheads and close-up facial skin care. The sure grip handle allows for easy use without slipping. The Double Ring Blackhead Extractor is made from high-quality stainless steel.


File away irritating ingrown toenail with the Easy Reach Long Ingrown Toenail File

  • Stainless Steel
  • Smooth Away Painful Ingrowns
  • Long 10" File to Reach Toes With Ease
  • One Side Curved-One Side Straight
  • Ultra Slender Tips for Sharp or Jagged Corners
  • Texture Handle for Non-Slip Grip

Professional Stainless Steel, Extra Fine Point Cuticle Scissor for easy cutting and accurate trimming of the cuticles and hangnails. The blades are curved and have sharp cutting edges.

The Fine-Tuned Cutting Scissors
This attractive Stork Scissor is used for cutting fine, delicate fabrics, like linen or china silk, and is also perfect for cutting embroidery and nai lwraps. It is extremely sharp and cuts smoothly the entire length of the blade, so no more snags or uneven edges. You get a smooth, attractive cut every time.

Lash beLong Disposable Lash Brush / Combs 50 count helps separate and cleanse lashes prior to and during eyelash extension application. During the eyelash application, be sure to comb through lashes frequently to avoid bonding multiple lashes together or to remove excess adhesive from the lashes. The brush side can also be used when designing the perfect brow to compliment the eyelash design.








Lash beLong Curved Tip Tweezers has long handle (Length 14cm) and is made of the finest quality German Stainless Steel. Perfect curved angle for grasping individual or volume eyelash extensions. This handy tool easily assists in the application process of bonding a synthetic lash to a natural lash.