Depileve Vitalderm PH Cream 7oz



This cream, enriched with multiple active ingredients, is regarded as “Vital” in post-waxing and skin care treatment. As well as getting rid of traces
of wax, it regenerates the skin, enhances elasticity, tones, soothes, softens, hydrates, prevents irritation and redness and improves the skin’s
resistance to sun exposure.

Its texture is creamy, absorbs quickly and is perfect for all skin types. Ideal for continuing treatment at home.

Main ingredients:

Vitamin E: deep regenerating action

Ruscus Aculeatus Extract: With refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties, it enhances elasticity.

Oat Extract: reduces irritation and produces an emollient and restorative effect on the skin. Contains essential acids that enhance the skin’s

Fucus Extract: Boosts the skin’s resistance to sun exposure.

Contains soothing compound recommended for sensitive and damaged skin. With soothing properties, it reduces erythema and provides comfort to the


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Depileve Vitalderm PH Cream 7oz