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New Collection: Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 always carries new nail products. No matter what your nail product needs are, has the item you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the hottest nail items this fall then you should totally check out their collection!

One of the fun fall items are Zoya Pixe Dust Fall 2013. This nail polish makes you look as though you have pixie dust nails. This is one of their new nail products. The colors that Zoya Nails come in are Arabella, Carter, Chita, Dhara, Sunshine, Tomoko and a sampler.

To view the wholesale price of this item you have to log into the website. However, gives you a quick and efficient description of the product.  For example, the shade Dhara is described as a “fiery, orange copper with a matte. The regular price to buy Zoya nail polish is $48-$54 for a pack of 6 colors. This also depends on if you want one of the two sailor packs or sampler pack. Each collection is made to make your nails twinkle with the look of having your nails dipped in fairy dust.

The color intensity is rated as a 4. That means it’s intense enough to wear during the fall but not strong enough to appear to be a summer shadow. Although the titles of the nail polish come in extravagant colors, their colors could also be considered white, green, blue, purple, pink and orange. No matter what you’re looking for, ABCNails has the latest products from Zoya.