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New Zoya Collection: Summer Nail Polish

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer is around the corner meaning everyone is looking for the newest trend.

The good news is we just released the new Zoya Collection: Stunning Collection Summer 2013. The new collection features Zoya Stunning Nail Polish Darcy, Zoya Stunning Nail Polish Josie, Zoya Stunning Nail Polish Micky, Zoya Stunning Nail Polish Rocky, Zoya Stunning Nail Polish Thandie, and Zoya Stunning Nail Polish Yana. For the benefits of those who want a sampler there is the Zoya Nail Polish Stunning Sampler. This new collection is the perfect way to try out new summer nail polish colors from Zoya.

Zoya nail polish Darcy has a yellow cream color to it attracting people who are optimistic.Yellow is known to enhance concentration and perfect for those whom enjoy full coverage.

Zoya stunning nail polish Josie is a different story. This nail polish consists of the color green and also is a full coverage nail polish. This color is refreshing and calming to the eye.

Zoya stunning nail polish Micky represents a romantic color, which is coral pink. This color represents tranquility, femininity, and gentleness.

Zoya stunning nail polish Rocky comes in the color sky blue also known as serene blue. Most likely gym goers use this color to help them achieve their workout goals.

Zoya stunning nail polish Thandie is an energetic color of orange. Although this citrus orange color is vibrant, it causes excitement enthusiasm, and warmth.

Zoya stunning nail polish Yana is a hot pink color the color of truth and romance catching the attention of romantics.

Finally, the Zoya Nail Polish Stunning Sampler has all these nail polishes, which all have full coverage and if you are looking for safe nail polish they are chemical free for the following chemicals: toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and dibutyl phthalate.