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Ombre Nail Tutorial

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Ombre Nail Design
Colors Used Above: 

If you want to spice up your finger nails, ombre nails can be the best option. You just have to dab your nails and you are ready to go. If you are looking for the best products for your ombre nail improvements, there are actually lots of wholesale nail supplies available on the market. You just have to choose the best store that can provide you quality wholesale nail polish products or you can choose a store that can offer you excellent wholesale nail art. 

If you want to learn how to do some ombre nail art for your nails, there are actually lots of ombre nail tutorials that you can find on the internet. These tutorials can give you tips and tricks for you to have beautiful and attractive ombre nails that most women will surely love. 

If you really are serious about spicing up your nails, you can choose from a wide variety of ombre nail designs. Each and every design can offer unique appearances. It could be cute, elegant, or sophisticated. You just have to choose the best design that will suit your mood and your personal preference. You can even match your nail arts with your outfit or even with the current trend and season. Below are some steps that will help you do some ombre nails
Step 1: The Use of a Base Coat
In broad or even strokes, you should first apply some thin layer using your preferred base coat. After that, apply 2 coats of a light colored polish on your fingers, maybe you can choose beige or pink. Allow three to five minutes to let it dry between each and every coat.
Step 2: The Stippling Time
In this step, you can actually use any colors for your nails. Choose the best colors that will enhance your nails, you can choose bright colors, summery colors like pink or coral. You just have to pour little amount of your desired polish to your palette on some plastic. Then, dip your makeup sponge to the polish and then stipple it on your nails, but is should cover half of your nails up to the tips. 
Step 3: The Gradual Changing of Color
Now, pour some nail polish of darker shades onto the plastic. Dip your makeup sponge (the other part or other side) to the polish. Starting from the tip of your fingernails, you just have to stipple your desired polish over first layer of the color, make sure that it will leave some silver from the lighter color that shows underneath. 
Step 4: Choose the Last Color For the Ombre Effect
Continue the process by pouring some amount of a darker polish shade to the plastic. And again, dip your makeup sponge (the tip) into it and then stipple over the very tip of your fingernails. Your nails will look like they are getting darker if you actually go from your cuticle up to the tip.
Step 5: Add Some Excellent Sparkle
After all the layers have dried, apply some sheer and sparkling polish on the top of your nails in order to achieve extra shine. This step is optional. 
Step 6: The Top Coat
Finally, you should clean up all your nail edges with the use of a nail polish remover and then apply some layer of a top coat.