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Popular Beauty Supplies in Miami: 2013 Nail Polish

Friday, May 17, 2013

Many trends in the fashion industry are always being reinvented especially in beauty supplies. The most recently used and popular beauty supply products in Miami are vintage gel polishes. One of the leading brands that Le Chat, which well-known in every age group. Most importantly the features the new Le Chat Vintage Hollywood Collection raises up the bar in competition against other nail polish brands. 

In many beauty salons, nail spas, and retailers the brand Le Chat is carried for either resale, but mostly for salon use. Nail techs in Miami are familiar with the Le Chat brand and are aware of the brand's advantages.

An advantage to having the Le Chat brand is the consistency in new collections such as the Vintage Hollywood Collection.

This new gel polish applies like nail polish but wears like gel. The point of it is to cut service time in half and finish without chips or smudges. Here’s an idea, why not mix “Dare to Wear” Lacquer experiment a little and get creative. The client receiving the nail service will appreciate that you considered showing them something new. 

A good way of presenting a collection to a client may be scary, but once you explain to them the different kinds of products a collection brings, they will be able to see they have a choice.

There are so many individual colors to choose from: 

Or if you want a complete set there are also displays for collections available.

Create awareness by presenting clients new trends and introduce them to the presented gel polishes. It is well-known that when somebody likes something and shares it with others a spider-like effect takes place causing others to follow and making it a trend.

Can you name a good way to be trendy with the new Le Chat collection?