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Sculptured Nails: 3D Art

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tammy Taylor 3d Nail ArtSculptured Nails and 3D art are the newest nail trends in the beauty industry. Tammy Taylor has created sculptured nails, and 3D nails that have shocked and thrilled those in the industry. Tammy Taylor
uses both 3D nail art supplies and 3D nail art decals to create beautiful three dimension nails. Many wholesale nail supplies and wholesale nail polish suppliers will sell Tammy Taylor’s sculpture kit. Tammy Taylor
has created a system
that many nail artists can learn to do 3D art on their clientele.

Sculptured nails and 3D nails are created using acrylic, nail glue and other supplies to create a work of art on one’s fingernails. Nail artists use 3D nail art decals, flowers, gemstones and other supplies to create their mini masterpieces. These masterpieces can hours to create, and many clients choose to the get them created for special occasions. Other clients love the look of having 3D nails, and get them done repeatedly.

If you’re a salon owner or a nail artist looking to learn the sculptured nails technique, simply watch one of Tammy Taylor’s videos. One of her videos can be viewed here and shows how she approaches 3D nail art. The website also provides information on how to order a professional nail sculpting kit, 3D nail art decals and wholesale nail supplies. Your clients will love the nail art, as it can be as simple as a gemstone affixed to their acrylic nail, to elaborate as a small sculpted bird on their nail.

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