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Fashion Week Nail Trends

Feb 12, 2014

During the New York Fashion Week, there were various trends that were completely new. The nail trends went from subtly simple to avante-garde Nail Art Decor! Thankfully for you, we kept an eye out for those that seemed to catch on. After all, you need to know what will be hot for you clients.  Read More...

Ombre Nail Tutorial

Jul 30, 2013

The Ombre. What is that?

Dec 06, 2012

Trends come, go and come back almost as quickly as they start. One trend that is big though right now for hair and nails, and seems like it's staying for a good while, is the Ombre. The Ombre has become bigger than just for the hair. It's also big for nails now. The technique is actually pretty easy to do, as was demonstrated at the Demo class that was given on December 3rd, here at ABC Nails - Advanced Beauty ConceptsRead More...