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ABCNails: One Stop Wholesale Shop

Sep 11, 2013 is a new website that sells discount nail supplies to people who want to buy makeup, but don’t want to pay a lot of money for it. sells salon supplies that are usually very expensive, but are now marked down to unbelievably low prices. Because of the wide array of items such as acrylic nail supplies, this website has everything it needs to become a seller of salon supplies. Read More...

Online Nail Store: ABC Nails

Aug 29, 2013

ABC Nails is an online nail store for wholesale suppliers. The general public cannot purchase items from ABC Nails. Customers must own a salon, spa or other business where they would need to order beauty products in bulk. Some of the wholesale nail supplies business owners can purchase from ABC Nails include oils and body lotions, along with beauty tools such as stencils, brow brushes, nail kits, curlers, tweezers and more. ABC Nails carries a great selection of eyelashes and other beauty items. Read More...

Sculptured Nails: 3D Art

Aug 14, 2013

Tammy Taylor 3d Nail ArtSculptured Nails and 3D art are the newest nail trends in the beauty industry. Tammy Taylor has created sculptured nails, and 3D nails that have shocked and thrilled those in the industry. Tammy Taylor
uses both 3D nail art supplies and 3D nail art decals to create beautiful three dimension nails. Many wholesale nail supplies and wholesale nail polish suppliers will sell Tammy Taylor’s sculpture kit. Tammy Taylor
has created a system
that many nail artists can learn to do 3D art on their clientele. Read More...

What are Fiberglass Nails?

Aug 11, 2013

Fiberglass nails are also known as silk wraps, and are used to make natural or artificial nails stronger.Fiberglass nails are also known as silk wraps, and are used to make natural or artificial nails stronger. Fiberglass is a resin material with glass fibers dispersed among the resin. Fiberglass wraps are great for those with thin nails, or nails that crack easily. Fiberglass wraps are easily purchased through wholesale nail supply companies, which make it easy for salon orders to purchase the wraps. Read More...