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How To Remove Gel Nail Polish?

Jul 27, 2013

Strong Natural Nails? VitaGel Might Be Your Answer

Jan 10, 2013

A lot of women love having long beautiful strong nails. Thus the reason they get artificial nails. The only flaw with this is if they get their nails done incorrectly, either because the nail technician is inexperienced or just does not know how to do it properly, it can cause damage to the nail. Even not having the right wholesale nail supplies being used can cause a lot of damage.  Read More...

Ornate Collection

Jan 09, 2013
Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya's Limited Edition 18k Gilty Pleasures

Dec 04, 2012

Zoya nail polish are some of the great polish colors to choose from out there for your clients. And if you want to find some wholesale nail art polish that you can use for your clients well you'll be happy to know that right now we are carrying a limited edition Zoya Polish. 

It is the Gilty Pleasures Trio gift set. This set includes two awesome colors from Zoya. The Zoya Raven and Zoya Purity. These colors come with a must have top coat. Zoya Gilty 18K real gold nail polish .The best thing is you can use this real gold top coat with many of our other beautiful colors. 

Your customers will love showing off their real gold designs. This product has come at a perfect time. You'll finish off any Holiday or party look with these wonderful color combos. It can also be used for any everyday look as well.  Read More...

Holiday Pampering

Nov 27, 2012