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Wholesale Nail Polish: CND Vinylux

Monday, June 17, 2013

No nail staining. No base coat necessary. Longwear.

Of all the different nail polishes that exists, the Vinylux system is one the one product that you should buy next time you're stocking your salon or spa with wholesale nail supplies. Not only will it save costs since it requires no base coat, but your customers will love its color durability.

How Vinylux Works?

This revolutionary nail product has adhesion promoters in the color eliminating the need for a base coat. It also has an innovative Pro-light technology with photo initiators that make the product more durable with the increasing exposure to natural light. 

Though the nail polish color will last for a long time, it also depends on the condition of the nail. If the nails are too dry and when there is delamination, the color will not last long. Thus you need to give polishing for two to three times to have a lasting finish. When you wish to improve the health of the nails, you can use the solar oil every week. 

Wholesale Nail Supplies: VinyluxHow to Use Vinylux

  1. Apply the Vinylux color polish.
  2. Apply the Vinylux weekly top layer. This will help you to keep the same shade of nail polish in prefect color, throughout the week. 
  3. Wait about 8 1/2 minutes to dry. Tip: You can also use the CND solarspeed spray for faster drying. 

Be Creative

Vinylux colors can be applied on top of gel or acrylic nails. Go ahead and mix the colors for the perfect nail shade. You can also get a few wholesale nail art pens to try different designs. Or even mix some of the CND additives into the product for different looks!

However, you choose to use these products, they will be great for your business and your customers. 

Have you tried Vinylux? Share your stories. Comment below.