CND Shellac Powder Polish NUDE KNICKERS 0.25 oz


Capture the essence of natural beauty with soft, delicate shades for a feminine and graceful look.

CND Shellac Power Polish — THE COLORS
A gorgeous palette of rich, luxurious shades provide you with dozens of ways to delight your clients.

The Original Power Polish

Say Hello to the future! CND Shellac is the breakthrough, patent-pending manicure service that combines the ease of polish with incomparable high-gloss shine and extended wear — a true innovation in chip-free, long-lasting color.

CND Shellac applies like polish — no pots — just a bottle and a brush and removes in just eight minutes with safe, gentle CND Shellac Remover Wraps and Shellac Nourishing Remover. Doesn’t leave nail damage, because there’s no filing or drilling required. The result?

14-day, glorious, high-gloss shine in 47 shades that are truly addictive! There are many pretenders, but only one CND Shellac!

Try layering CND Shellac — the technique of painting one color over another to achieve a totally new look and color. Try it — you’ll LOVE IT!

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Weight .25 lbs

CND Shellac Powder Polish NUDE KNICKERS 0.25 oz