Use as part of our LED/UV Dip Gel System as a Bonder. The Dip Gel system is an LED/UV curable soak-off gel base that is specifically formulated to
work with the porous composition of dip powders.

* Essential Bonder to ensure product adhesion and no lifting.

* Air dry Bonder does not require curing.

* Application:

* Prep natural nails buy pushing cuticles back, removing shine from the nail with a 180 grit file or sanding block, wipe with Sanitiser spray to
remove dust and oils from the nail.

* Apply a coat of Bonder to the entire nail bed and the free edge.

* Continue with application of LED/UV Dip Gel System (see step by step below)

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Weight 0.5 lbs


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Cuccio Pro Bonder 0.5 oz