Depileve Cerazyme Soft Bright Paraffin (6 lbs.)

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Soft Bright is a unique paraffin treatment that brings intense brightness to the skin, hydrating even the deepest layers whilst softening pigmentation

Its unique formula is made from three biotechnological active ingredients:

Alpha-Arbutin: In vivo studies show how it clears the skin and helps remove pigmentation whilst minimising the onset of others.

White Mulberry: Contains mulberroside A, a compound with skin whitening properties. It decreases skin pigmentation and reduces melanin in the epidermis
by inhibiting tyrosinase.

Gatuline Spot Light: Main ingredient that tackles pigmentation and darkening of the skin on both the surface and innermost layers. It significantly
reduces the viability, size and density of pigmentation, whilst correcting skin tone.


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Depileve Cerazyme Soft Bright Paraffin (6 lbs.)