FOOTLGIX 4 Piece Precision Implement Kit



The Footlogix® 4-Piece Precision Implement Kit makes decision making easy. The kit includes four implements and comes in a high-quality, vegan-leather carrying case.

•    Footlogix® Concave Toe Nail Nipper: This nipper’s ergonomic shape is ideal for controlled cutting of even the thickest toe nails with sharp, curved blades capable of making detailed, smooth cuts. A non-slip, textured handle allows for a comfortable grip and the safety lock prevents injury and ensures safe storage.

•    Footlogix® Flat Edge Toe Nail Nipper: This ergonomically designed, ultra-fine pointed nipper has sharp, straight blades for precise cuts and narrow, pointed edges able to reach into tight nail sidewalls.
The double spring between the handles provides perfect tension when in use.

•    Footlogix® Excavator Round Edge & File: This professional-use only implement is designed with two different ends to easily remove debris and smooth edges. The round, smooth end effectively cleans debris from the nail groove and under the free edge and easily reaches tight sidewalls, while the narrow, double-sided file end allows for simple, non-invasive removal of sharp edges and spicula.

•    Footlogix® Double Sided Nail File: This highly durable, stainless-steel file has coarse and fine sides to gently shape the toenail free edge after a cut or trim.

Footlogix® Implements: Benefits

•    Establish Credibility: by choosing high quality implements to increase your pedicure efficiency

•    Effective pedicuring will help your clients improve their foot conditions = CUSTOMER LOYALTY

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FOOTLGIX 4 Piece Precision Implement Kit