NSI 30g Crystal Tabletop Jar

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Table Top Dipping & Display Jar.

The 30g Crystal Tabletop Jar is the perfect way to display your favorite products on the top of your salon table. The jar itself is made of sturdy plastic
and has glimmering jewels embedded in the lid. It’s a beautiful addition to your workstation, and it can be used for more than just storing product!

  • Removable Insert and Lid – The insert can be removed and sanitized after dipping application. Or you can use the insert for additional storage
    of your favorite products.
  • Perfect for dipping with the Simplicité System!
  • Store Your Product in Style – This jar is the perfect fit for all of your favorite acrylic powders, dip powders, glitter, even use it to store
    your bling!

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Weight 0.5 lbs

NSI 30g Crystal Tabletop Jar