ZOYA Naked Manicure GELIE-CURE Repair Base 0.5oz ZTGCRB01


The Gelie-Cure Repair Base Coat is a groundbreaking formula that is applied directly over the Gelie-Cure Rescue Serum. The Repair Base is able to adhere
to the nail and uses a pinpoint locking mechanism to lock the Rescue Serum into the keratin of the nail. The Repair Base contains invisible fillers
strengthen the nail as well as smooth out nail ridges, flaking and separation. The Repair Base also contains optical diffusers that brighten the
appearance of the nail for a healthier looking nail.

The Repair Base is the second step in the Gelie-Cure System and is designed to be applied directly over the Rescue Serum. The Gelie-Cure Repair Base
is a “Big 10 Free” breathable formula, free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

Some people who choose not to do the complete Gelie-Cure system opt for using the Rescue Serum and Repair base as stand-alone nail treatments.


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Weight 0.5 lbs

ZOYA Naked Manicure GELIE-CURE Repair Base 0.5oz ZTGCRB01